Welcome to the Work Bard / Play Bard Application form. Talk to us about why you want to work with us.

It will take less than 5 minutes to apply, and applications close at 5pm on 28th May.
Questions? Talk to rianna@smoothfacedgentlemen.com.
Sunday 7th June is the day it will all be kicking off and, this time our theme is Heroes and Villains. 

The night will be a rare opportunity to probe the contemporary relevance of Shakespeare, and play with fresh interpretations in front of a sell-out crowd of Shakespeare fans. We want to answer a simple question: How can we use Shakespeare to learn about today’s society?

We’re looking for all types of artists doing all types of work. Whether it’s original practice, or totally irreverent, single-sex theatre companies or gender-flipped scenes, comic re-imaginings of the Bard’s characters or experimental interpretations of a monologue… or just a great straight performance of a scene that explores the theme.

It will take less than 5 minutes to apply!
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Make sure you include:
* What you’re proposing to perform, and why.
* How your piece relates to the theme of heroes and villains.
* Which Shakespeare play(s) it’s derived from, and how.
* Has it been performed before? When and where?
* What sort of environment would suit it best (stage/bar etc), if any.
Tell us a little about you and/or your company, and why you think you’d fit into the night. (up to 100 words) *

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